Creation High – The New Series Everyone Is Talking About

It looks like a good series to have on regular TV

Creation High is set in the beautiful town of Yaounde. Remember J’aime Mon Pays?😍

It features a number of young faces and well-known names on the Anglophone Cameroon social media space. Yes, and those of the TikTok generation.

We have the likes of former Biggy Studios contestant, Melinda Swan, and skit maker, Phamose.

And my one-time crush, Massi Martha gets to play the part of a cool teacher. I’d pay fees to learn in that classroom 😊

A lot of themes are set to be explored. From the first episode we already see peer pressure, the challenging feeling of not belonging, and the theme of music sliding in already.

It looks like a good series to have on regular TV. Maybe our growing generation can learn a few lessons.

Now, onto what very few people would want to hear about the show – someone has to say it.

First, what I didn’t see enough of was the use of pidgin English or some other non official language, which is not exactly what we see in our daily reality.

While that also portrays the institution as one for the ‘bobos’, it could be a turn off in the long run. We are seeing enough shege already and very few people would want to stay hooked watching the life that oppressed them as school kids.

Well, Phamose is in the series. Piccolo 2K too is there an I’m sure we’ll see them unveil that other part of them subsequently.

Also, the series portrays a high-end school and that too is a distant reality for a large majority of Cameroonians. Remember being dropped off at school in a private car?

Oh you can’t cos it remains largely rare, even when you come first in class and are made class rep.

The movie makers MAY have to find a way to keep us glued by balancing the equation. If they don’t it will be just an initiative for the rich kids and ‘we’ the broke will definitely not be their audience.

Or maybe we aren’t their target audience.

It’s still episode one and time will tell.

My rating? 6.5/10.

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