Tata Lunga Teases Sequel To No Holidays EP Five Years After Release

“I was signed by Jovi, so I was automatically written off by so many industry katz”

New Bell rapper, Tata Lunga might be thrilling fans with a second part of his second ever EP titled No Holidays. Tata took to Facebook where he used a hashtag to suggest the release. “#NoHolidays2”, he wrote.

The same post was written by label mate, Ishaku who had him feature on Temper, one of five songs on his Issa Bad Man Ting EP released late last year. Tata in subsequent posts noted that his fans would soon get new music from him but failed to precise further if it has anything to do with the No Holidays EP.

Tata’s No Holidays EP produced by Jovi under the Moniker Le Monstre was released on September 14, 2018, seven months after another titled Wild Fire. In No Holidays composed of four tracks, Tata sings in Pidgin, English and his mother tongue, Limbum.

To date, it remains one of the most defining works of the rapper’s career as it served as a breakout point for him to fully exert his influence as a rapper to reckon with. It also defined his genre as a hard-core Mboko rapper, with witty lines.

While New Bell Music is yet to confirm or deny any speculations about a No Holiday 2 EP from Tata, the artiste has confirmed on multiple occasions that the label would be putting out new music soon. Among those expected to drop new music in the near future are Reniss, as well as Tata and Ishaku who recorded an album together.

Tata’s latest move teasing his fans comes shortly after he received yet another public approval from his New Year Boss, Jovi. Tata had in a social media post, noted that many people are inheriting him as enemy because of their differences with Jovi.

Tata thrills fans at DOMAF – Yaounde, September 2022

“I was signed by Jovi, so I was automatically written off by so many industry katz” He wrote, adding in a second post that they [New Bell?] wrote down names.

Among those who replied was Jovi, who stated that the rapper was right.
“But you are chosen, they can’t do nothing about that,” he added.

The comment and replies took many by surprise, given that Tata and other current New Bell artistes rarely make any public statements on feuds concerning their New Bell boss.

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