Rapper, Tenor Reasserts His Prowess On Krys M’s “Chacun Sa Chance” Remix

After what seems to be the worst two-year period of his career, rapper, Tenor is finally getting a breath of fresh air. Despite his huge music success, the past two years have remained nerve wrecking for one of Cameroon’s best rappers, Tenor.

After his divorce with Universal Music Group in May 2021 many thought he was finally free and would go on to fully express himself through his art.

Tenor whose real name is Mengoumou Ayia Thierry however met a stumbling block, when he became a tenant at the New Bell prison in Douala. He was taken into custody after a young lady named Erika Mouliom died in his car during a July 2021 car crash. The lady’s father swore to make Tenor’s life hell, and he did all he could to make it happen.

To date, few understand how the artiste walks about free, given that a court is yet to issue a verdict on the charges levied against him. Influence or deep pockets?

After his release from prison, Tenor relaunched his career, gradually rising and winning the hearts of fans.

Tenor and Eunice at Canal d’Or 2021

Winning the Best Male Afro-Urban Artiste award at the 2021 Canal d’Or shortly after leaving prison, he promised to undertake multiple humanitarian initiatives. Among them, was a national sensitisation tour on road accidents.

He again met another stumbling block after his botched relationship with Ivorian comedian, Eunice Zunon went viral. Eunice had stood by him during some of his darkest moments including during his detention at the New Bell prison in Douala.

Tenor and Eunice

Yet, even this bond could not hold them together. Footage making waves on social media showed the couple engage in a brawl after what seemed to be an argument about their sex lives.

For a while, Tenor again went low-key, attempting to weather the storm brought about by the breakup and Eunice’s supposed attempts to have him arrested. With all these now water under the bridge, the rapper is again lifting his head for a breath of fresh air.

Tenor was one of four artistes invited by Krys M to make an appearance on the remix of her hit single, “Chacun sa Chance”. Delivering a verse alongside Daphne, Maahlox and Tzy Panchak , Tenor gave in his all.

In his verse, the rapper reiterated the fact that he continues to stand tall, owing to his Cameroonian origin. He also boasted about his work ethic, and his efforts to improve on himself as well as his person.

Despite the struggles, the rapper has often maintained consistency, releasing eight music videos in the last one year.

But beyond dropping a wonderful verse and asserting his prowess, a lot remains to be done by the young artiste, at least, to make up for some of the holes he has left open on his path.

While his latest moves don’t absolve him of any wrong doing, they are proof that he seeks to open another window in his life and career. His fans, family and enemies are definitely eager to see how it goes this time around.

Giyo Ndzi

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