Top Cameroonian Music Releases Lined Up For January 2023

2023 is barely started but our artistes are already having us put on our dancing shoes. 12 days into the new year, these are a few songs already lined up, with some ready for release in just a few hours:

– Asaba ft Kameni – One Love

Who doesn’t love a powerful all-lady force… Rude gyal, Kameni has teamed up with Asaba for a song titled One Love. The piece drops this January 12 and fans are already beaming with smiles of joy.

The release follows Kameni’s recent issue with a social media user. It comes as perfect distraction to the issue, but also as a reward to her fans for standing by her in hard times.

Asaba on her part, has been all about her music and has become an irresistible force in the music sphere. Remember the Lighter EP?

Like Kameni, Asaba has been on a great trajectory over the past two years or so and we can’t help but thirst for their combo.

– Tata – No Holidays II

New Bell has been restless over the past weeks, hinting on music releases. Finally, here they come. Rapper, Tata is set to drop the second part of his EP titled No Holidays tomorrow January 13, 2023.

This particular project is peculiar because he dropped the first part five years ago. Between this time, Tata has gone on to seal his place as one of the most promising rappers around, dropping multiple projects including the renowned De No di Force Love.

Guess what it only gets better. Tata has with him on No Holidays II, label mate, Ishaku. Both men have proven to have an immense chemistry on the beat and this promises to be nothing we’ve ever seen before.

– Elisha K ft Rinyu – Love me

Boomplay, Youtube, Spotfy, deexer, Audiomack, Tiktok and other music streaming platforms are set to go up in flames come tomorrow January 13, 2023. Akumba Music’s Rinyu is bringing in the coals with fellow singer, Elisha K.

The piece is titled Love Me and is set to be their first projects each for 2023. And that is not even it. The release comes at a time when a couple of Rinyu’s last songs continue to make waves on media around the country. Talk about impact…

– Blanche Bailly (ft PhilBill) – Banga

This is Blanche’s first release since the controversial fridge story. For a while now, she and fans have been at each other’s’ throats with taunts and savage remarks.

This song will probably be a test of how much their fights have contributed in pulling them together or apart.
Again, the song features Philbill who has been on musical steroids, dropping back to back hits. Like with everything else that has his name and Blanche’s on it, this promises to be a gas!

Definitely a banga.

– Ego & Prido ft PhilBill – Bikossa

Philbill again comes into the mix. It was recently revealed he was working with the Ego & Prido duo on a project. Phil’s level of involvement in the project not known, as but he has an amazing record.

Every track he touches, be it as singer or beat producer, turns to gold.
It will likely be Ego & Prido’s first project for 2023 and fans can’t wait to see what they have in store. Phill calls it Bikossa. We are definitely revisiting the past.

– KKing Kum – No wahala

Kum has been teasing music lovers with a cut from his ‘No Wahala’ video to be released soon.

The song promises to be an energetic dance piece that would make you move like it was electricity.

Kum has always been one for the vibes and he definitely promises same vibe, more energy. It’s 2023 friends. It has never been better.

– Magasco ft Mimie

BBoy, Magasco dropped the hint a few hours ago and his fans can’t wait to savour the piece. Mimie’s fans too. This, is as the song will be their first collaborative piece since they broke out of Pit Baccardi’s Empire Music.

Mimie stepped out a few weeks back after taking the fight public. Now that the fight appears to be over, the music is set to take over. What it song it promises to be.

– Ambe

Bafut star, Ambe has anmihced he is dropping a new video “soon”. The hit maker made the remark shortly after praising the likes of Jovi, Kanye West whom he said have superhuman abilities.

Ambe late last year before his previous release was called out by some fans for often making music only around festive periods.

He is definitely taking their worries with an open heart and is set to thrill fans with new music”soon”. We wait.

The list is of course not exhaustive and we could go on and on. But again, what use is it naming songs when we could spend more time listening to them?

What other works are set to be released in the days ahead? Drop the artistes’ names and let’s get fired up!

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