Fans Angry As Meshi Deletes Music Catalogue To Launch Gospel Career

“Being in Christ is the more me I have ever been..."

Fans of artiste, Meshi may have to get used to living without her songs, or adapt to her new path. Meshi has cleared her YouTube music catalogue after announcing she was turning over a new leaf.

The singer who goes by the name Meshi months back, announced she had given her life to Christ, and was going to dedicate her talent to serve him only.

The ‘old’ Meshi

Quitting Zion records in November 2022, she hinted that projects and collaborations with other artistes would not be released. “Moving forward, Meshi AG is now working as an independent artist and will now be doing the gospel genre leaving behind everything that belongs in the past,” she stated in a press release.

Shortly after, she released her first gospel song, ‘Nothing Else’ and has promised to release a gospel EP in the days ahead. She titled the project ‘Transformed’.

“Being in Christ is the more me I have ever been and the highest peace I have ever known,” the 26-year-old later told her fans.

But many fans have not taken the singer’s statements lightly, and have been bashing her on social media. “… Don’t forget to delete the satanic fans as well …” wrote one.

Some of the singer’s old hits including those featuring Salatiel, and Locko, remain on the streaming platform. This, is as they were released under the Zion Records music label to which she was signed for the past five years.

Meshi is not new to controversy. In the past, she has been involved in a series of online exchanges with fans, colleagues and bloggers. It remains uncertain if these would change with her change in music trajectory.

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