Bala 2K Confirms EP Release, Outlines Other Plans For 2023

"trust me you are going to love it"

April 17 Music label crooner, Bala 2K has confirmed he will be releasing new music soon. Bala in a live video moments ago noted that he will be unrolling a 6-song EP titled ‘My Struggle’.

“We are calling it ‘My Struggle’ because we want people to be able to relate with it based on the challenges they are going through… people are struggling with different things … we are not trying to tie the message to a particular form of struggling,” he explained.

To him, the project is unique, given the universality of the themes. The struggles addressed, he said, range from love, to career and the armed conflict in the Anglophone regions.

He further teased a few of the songs, for the amusement of fans. Their key goal for the project , he remarked, is raising existing exposure levels.

The EP release, he revealed, is just a tip of the iceberg. “We will be planning on touring the nation with the EP there are other tours I don’t want to bring out of the box now. It is a big surprise, trust me you are going to love it.”

In addition to the My Struggle EP, April 17 Music, he noted, also has some videos lined up for release in 2023, set to be dished out in a 2-month interval.

Bala 2K thrills fans at show

Bala it should be recalled, has often advocated for social justice and an end to multiple vices plaguing society. In 2017 he released a clip titled ‘Boko Haram’ where he decried the violence and killings carried out by the armed sect in the Far North region of the country.

He followed up in other amazing projects including ‘Ndolo’ and Chop’, in 2018 and 2020 respectively. Bala 2K who is a trained journalist from the University of Buea in 2021, took his sound a notch higher with the release of ‘Nakupenda’, an expression of love, passion and burning desire.

His most recent official release, ‘Wo Juofalo’ – another love song, was released in March of 2021and continues to animate the entertainment sphere to date. The singer a few months back, headlined the 2022 edition of the April 17 night meant to commemorate the birthday of the music label. Other acts present included Yungtime, Dina, Skidi Boy and magical duo, Ego and Prido.

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