Calabash Music Wants Jail Term & Fines For Youtuber And Artiste For Alleged Defamation

The label has evoked the law on cyber security and cyber criminality as basis for its complaint.

Calabash Music, one of Cameroon’s foremost music labels has initiated criminal and civil proceedings against YouTube content creator, Prince MisterJaay Njoya and artiste, Melcube (real name Hope Tambe Ashu). It accuses them of “malicious and defamatory statements” with negative impact on its reputation.

Calabash Music CEO, Nde Ndifonka (Wax Dey) who too is an artiste, lodged a complaint through the Ndikum Sylvie Law Firm on October 20, 2022, addressed to the Colonel of the Douala gendarmerie Group.

Calabash Music however did not make the move public until October 24, 2022.

“Certain individuals are publishing invidious information on Facebook, implying that the founder of Calabash Music, Mr Nde Ndifonka has been ‘forcing himself on Ewube’s deal’ with Open Mic Productions, working together for one common purpose: the international success of the artiste,” read a portion of the label’s release.

The said remarks, it noted, are “poisonous” and have the potentials to ruin its efforts at building Cameroon music and disrupting the path of many other artistes.

Calabash music in its official complaint, evoked Article 78 of the 2020 law on cyber security and cyber criminality as the basis for its complaint.

It would therefore be fronting for a 6 months to 2 years jail term, and fine ranging between 5 million to 10 million FCFA for Prince MisterJaay Njoya and artiste, Melcube.

The accused are yet to provide any official reactions.


Calabash Music’s statement has sparked varied opinions. Centered around its artiste, Ewube’s latest move with South African hit room, Open Mic Productions, the move further generates talk around her upcoming release.

Ewube is set to release a new song B.I.G, the first of several projects stemming from the Calabash—Open Mic union. Could this therefore be a way to create and commercialise controversy? Many have opined this is the case, and Melcube and Njoya are simply scapegoats.

Ewube to release new music soon

Still, Calabash Music and Wax Dey in particular are no strangers to speed bumps and run-ins. Few months ago (August 2022), Wax was in the spotlight again after a not-so-friendly exchange with rapper and producer, Jovi.

The Njoya/Melcube affair might therefore too, be a genuine attempt by Calabash to clear its name and preserve its pride. Time alone will tell.

Giyo Ndzi

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