Kang Quintus Threw Me Out Of Lions Gate — Comedian, Don Chaeule

Comedian, Don Chaeule has narrated a horrible experience that resulted in him getting kicked out of Lions Gate, a Bar/Restaurant owned by moviemaker, Kang Quintus.

Don Chaeule in a social media post said he had visited the newly launched facility about a month back to express support for a fellow entertainer.

Lions Gate CEO, Kang Quintus

“There was power outage and some technicians were working on the transformer outside. I decided to go say hi to Kang when I spotted him with the aid of my friend,” Don Chaeule narrated, adding things started to go south when he tapped that moviemaker on the shoulder.

“He gave me a condescending look and said ‘we are not friends so why are you tapping my shoulders?’”

Being one who won’t go down without a fight, Don Chaeule said he paid the movie actor in his own coins, before security was asked to kick him out: “I replied asying ‘that was the same way you tapped Mr Zack Orji’s shoulders, I don’t remember you too being friends…”

The comedian added that he had remained reluctant to share the story, but has waited for an apology to no avail.

Don Chaeule’s story however comes at a time Kang Quintus is facing criticisms for his remarks over the choice of movies selected from Cameroon for the Oscars.

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