Tata’s Trap Tap Flow Listening Party: How It Went Down 🔥

Hard flow-ish!!

‘We deeply apologize for the late start’

Or in Tata’s words, “I be sorry say I don keep men them for here for long”😅

Okay. Scratch that.

Take 2…

The listening party of Tata’s Trap Tap Flow EP was held yesterday.

Like they say in Yaounde when something is effective, ‘Une minute, quarante souris’😅

New Bell squad at Tata’s Trap Tap Flow EP Listening Party

The limited time spent by the New Bell crew at the listening party appeared to absolve the planner(s) of the Cameroonian sin of lateness.

The close to three-wait by lovers of Tata and rap music was smoothly converted into a period of bliss immediately the show proper kicked off.

But before we dive into that, rewind.

Songs by Tata, Tilla, Pascal (yes you are not dreaming) were used to keep the audience entertained ahead of the listening party proper. From Tata’s ‘Contri boy’ ft Pascal and Tilla to ‘Cece’ ft Pascal, they all blasted loud on the loudspeaker.

These brought nothing short of reminiscence of the good old Newell days.

The next step was Tata’s last work titled ‘Dey no d force love’. All the songs too were played and then it was time for business.

Well, what is a future without good memories?

We move.

Tata Lunga [pic: Gi Yo]

It was essential that Jovi let Tata enjoy his shine and he did. First all five songs had a production touch of Mettod. Also, Tata opened the show with the first two tracks, ‘Call’ and ‘How manage’ in the absence of Jovi who would have been the focus of the night for many.

A break was then observed pending the arrival of the Newbell boss accompanied by crooner, Reniss.

Tata Lunga then performed some more before giving shout outs to as many as he could, thanking them for their support for his career.

Sean [Barrister] who was the MC for the night kept it alive too. There’s always a special feeling when an intellectual touches anything entertainment – and his touch was golden.

While the most ordered song for the night was ‘How manage’ followed by ‘call’, my personal favorite for the evening was ‘Move me’.

It echoes Tata’s commitment to not back down regardless of the obstacles on his path. It is a testament of his fearlessness: “you want chew with big boys you go pay price”

When you forge a path for yourself like he’s doing, relentlessness should be your forte. You too much acknowledge the price you have to pay.

Jovi, Tata, Reniss

On the song ‘Knife’ Tata also breaks down the rising cycle of violence in different millieus of society. From teachers to students, religious persons and even commercial bike riders, lawyers, doctors, bankers, no one is excluded.

Hard flow-ish!!

Now, Where’s The Music?

You want chew with big boys you go pay price ~ Tata

‘Trap Tap Flow’ EP is available for free on streaming platform Jengu (jenguonline.com).

New Bell music is moving to gain more rights to its content. By hosting it’s own music download platform, taking stock and generating contacts of loyal supporters remains easier.

P.S the #HowManage trend is going to be lit 🔥

– Giyo Ndzi

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