Anglophone Crisis:
“Francophones have a different reality” – Jovi

Cameroonian music legend, Ndukong Godlove aka Jovi has said those seeking to end the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon still have a long way to go. Jovi who has never been one to hide his feelings and thoughts, took to social media, Tuesday August 09, 2022 to make the remarks.

“We are trying to unite this county but it is looking impossible. The French speaking section can’t relate, they don’t know and don’t want to know what is happening over there,” he averred.


Those of the French speaking regions of the country, he went on, “have a different reality. They have their own problems. So this problem [Anglophone crisis] is going to last.”

Jovi’s commentaries on the realities of the Anglophone crisis, are not a thing of today. The rapper who also produces music under the pseudonym, Le Monstre has often addressed the armed conflict, including in his song, No Peace.

Another theme Jovi has never been shy to address, is migration and today, he doubled down on it. [See Slaveships]

“I am advising anyone who has talent and a promising career from my region to go to another country especially if you are still young because this place is NOT for you. You will waste your youthful years like I almost did with mine,” he warned.

Giyo Ndzi

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