‘Boiz From Nso’ – Another Cultural Milestone

A simple clip, yet laced with such intentionality!

Till date, few Cameroonians resist moving to the rythm when Witty Minstrel’s ‘Be Proud’ comes up.

The boy from Nso is here again with another banger – Boiz From Nso. Shot in the sands of Dubai, Witty Minstrel rallies fellow Nso cultural ambassadors, Neglect Buri and Shey Lontum Yov. The piece is produced by ‘Shushey’ Dijay Cliff and the video shot by Vision Studio.


Nso land in Bui division of the North West Region of Cameroon remains one of the areas hardest hit by the prolonged separatist armed conflict.

Before the crisis, Nso was renowned for its intellectual output. With the armed conflict, some of the fiercest battles have been fought there and the land has been in some instances, desecrated.

The Music:

Witty describes the song as a blend of Samba/Hip-hop.

The song incorporates chants unique to the Mfuh, the armed wing of traditional societies.

Very well suited to the context of the song and message being passed, the chants are accompanied by the irresistible clank of machetes with which the Mfuh dances.

Neglect, Witty and Lontum then take turns to reminisce of home and the greatness of the Nso Fondom. They praise the fearlessness of Wan Ngonnso (children of Ngonnso, founder of the Nso dynasty).

They further urged all sons and daughters of the land to not forget their roots, regardless of how high they soar.

Cultural export at its finest!

The mere fact that the clip was shot in Dubai, one of the worlds top tourist destinations, tells a lot already.

The colorful embroidery that ardons the Toghu fabrics the artistes wear throughout the video, is Cameroon at its finest. The grassfield at its finest.

Vision Studio did well to display some portions of many Dubai residents scrambling to have a glimpse of the Boiz from Nso.

The incorporation of the camels known for long travels, survival, service, self-sufficiency and stamina is another cultural interchange not to be overlooked.

A simple clip, yet laced with such intentionality!


One aspect that makes songs timeless is their ability to remind people of particular moments or happenings in history. It is this bond that makes Shakira’s ‘Waka Waka’ to remain imprinted alongside the first ever FIFA World Cup hosted in Africa.

It is this same ingredient of the 9/11 attack which Enya’s ‘Only Time’ evokes.

The ‘Boiz From Nso’ promises to be a culturally relevant piece. One that will for ages to come, speak of an era when sons and daughters of the land were dispersed across the globe not for tourism, but due to a war.

It will be a reminder that despite the chaos and anarchy that reigned in the era, home and unity came first on the minds of many and they could still connect to their roots.

It might just as well be the return anthem for the Ngonnso statue looted by the Germans over a hundred years ago from the Nso Fondom.

Stream Boiz From Nso Enjoy!

– Giyo Ndzi

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