Mihney – The Transition

"This is not about becoming someone better. It is about becoming who I've always been..."

“This is not about becoming someone better. It is about becoming who I’ve always been…” These are the first words on Mihney’s TRANSITION EP.

TRANSITION is Mihney’s first EP, and also her first work since parting ways with Eben Music.

Guess what? It’s produced by her own MamiFoHouse Music.

I’ve always had a special space in my heart for Mihney aka Mami Fo House and she definitely didn’t disappoint on this.

The mother figure voice note on Intro is everything a mother wants for her child – hear her name on the lips of others for the right reasons.

She transitions into ‘Better days’ which she spices with Lamnso. The song is an appreciation to God for keeping her and giving her the much needed grace to carry on.

The Mihney I’ve always known again resurrects on Sweet Baby Girl, SBG. Her effortless raps and sexy intonation are enough to have you wanting.

It’s the simple but wild type of flows we see from those that have mastered their art like Gasha and Asa.

As you go through ‘Faith’ and ‘Grin Code’, the message is simple: she owns the keys to the house. Not everyone is blessed with the ability to do their own chorus, hooks and raps and have awesome songs.

She closes the EP with ‘Nobody’ featuring Lanjo. The song with the amazing Lamnso spice appreciates again the woman folk and urges whoever had made the dough to go spend on who deserves it – mother.

🎶outside don spoil, no man no know who be who 🎶

Its the type of song you want to play and dance to after winning a lottery or getting your first pay.



Now, one aspect about Mihney which you won’t hesitate to notice is the assertiveness she evokes in her raps. She often raps as someone who has been there, seen that, done that and now has to pass a lesson.

From the song ‘Uh-uh Uh-uh’ with Yung Time to ‘Man Boy’ and in most songs on the Transition EP, she has been constant as the Northern star. No wonder she’s called Mami for house.

– Gi Yo

Stream THE TRANSITION here 👇🏾

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