Twelve Unforgettable Songs Released In The First Half Of 2022

From what we danced to at the AFCON stands, to the Labour Day parties and breakneck traffic, one or two of your favourites would hardly miss out.

July is here with the heavy rains. Sweaters, bodies of the opposite gender and whiskey alone cannot keep you warm. A great mood generated by good music has been known to do the trick.

These are a couple of times artists of English language expression made me ‘proud of who we are’ in the first half of 2022.

From what we danced to at the AFCON stands, to the Labour Day parties and breakneck traffic, one or two of your favourites would hardly miss out.

Mic Monsta ft Dready Christ, Marnick Torch CityDays like this

Released: January 1

On New Year day, Mic Monsta brought ‘Johnnies’ to town in this epic collaboration. From Uncle Cales to the new kid on the block, Marnick, everyone gave their best. Dready too has been a big hand and he definitely didn’t let this flop. Days like this is one of those pieces that keeps you hopeful that hip hop will survive.

Salatiel ft Petit PaysPele

Released: February 18

Salatiel got his flowers from Legend, Petit Pays on the song. It was clear that Salas as he is fondly referred to, has been way ahead of his time. Wasn’t he who got brought life to Water on Beyonce’s The Lion King album? Yes, it was he who got Africa Represented.

Blanche Bailly ft joeboyMine

Released: March 6

The Mimba Queen showed why she remains on the throne. Blanche is not one to engage in controversial talk. This largely explains her silence towards criticisms. Bailly owned critics and then owned the song.

Asaba – Mon Bebe

Released: March 13

Mary Asaba is the new kid on the block and is apparently not backing down soon. The ‘dodokido’ crooner in Mon Bebe gives us a love gift, one like never before. No matter the challenges faced with your significant other, press on and life will see you through,

Stanley EnowParapariparo

Released: March 26

Motherland Empire’s Bayangi Boy is not backing down anytime soon. Stanley dropped Parapariparo and since then, has left no stone unturned exporting it to the ends of the earth.

It was produced by Scott Storch. Yes, the same OG who produced Dr Dre’s Still D.R.E. Like anything that has Stanley Enow written on it, Parapariparo has witnessed an amazing push and awesome marketing. Nothing short of genius. Watch video here

Phido ft Awutake over

Released: 14 May

Phido is the new school head boy. He takes the lead from Awu to thrill us in this amazing song. Phido tells us he is here to take charge. The lyrcis too, are self-explanatory: “I’m taking over the city…”

Gomez ft ManefrieniWoman

Released: April 16

Gomez was for most of the first half of 2022 in the news for the wrong reasons. But it is never his music. He again proved himself through Woman, featuring Manefrieni. He got our girls twerking!!!

Askia ft Mr LeoNgarma

Released: April 18

We are tired but the war (Anglophone crisis) is not over. Askia and former label mate, Mr Leo again searched the depths of our worn-out souls for the last drops of empathy. When our eyes were to dry and could cry no more, Askia’s bars and Mr Leo’s piercing chorus squeezed out some more liquid. Never shall we forget the souls that continue to perish due to the armed conflict.

Mr LeoChoisir

Released: April 30

After a while in the wild, Mr Leo returned to show lover boys one more time, how it is done. A black suit and tie, white shirt and rose flower in chest pocket is how he appears on a beach in some shots of the video. Choisir is a reminder that a choice made is one to be honoured. A choice for love is a choice for life.

Big G BabaFormatting

Released: May 15

“If they explain this pays for you, you understand, that mean say the man wey explain am no explain fine”
Like most of his works, Big G focuses on societal ills and practices that make a people look jinxed. Like is customary of him, Big G sends a serious political message through witty lines and phrases in Pidgin English.

Tzy PanchakMy Life

Released: June 3

On this day, Blu Nation soldier, Tzy panchak did what he alone knows best – giving a hand to upcoming acts. On My Life, he gives a voice to ten artists. The song is a diary where they all tell their struggles, dreams and hopes for the future. Definitely, no two persons have the same life story.

Ko-C ft Inoss’BQuand J’aurai L’argent

Released: June 17

Serial hitmaker, Ko-C could definitely not miss out on this. What do you plan to do with your next pay check? Ko-C makes an extensive list. Humour filled, the song makes us imagine the limitless possibilities money provides.


Though released in the later part of 2021, Shabasiko is like that girl you loved most. She may be miles away but just the thought of her can leave you smiling all day. Shabasiko was at a point, the unofficial anthem at AFCON stands. Aboubakar, Toko, Fai and the entire squad did the rest by scoring goals. What better song was there to dance to? Shabassikko!!

Worthy mention:
Buga by Kizz Daniel ft Tekno

When many thought the Buga fever could not get any hotter, Nigerian comedian, Sabinus appeared in the video brandishing a Cameroon flag. Whether anyone believed him holding it the wrong way was intentional or not, talking about it of spread the fever more. Kizz definitely danced this one to the bank. “Collect your money”.

By Giyo Ndzi

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