Jovi Teases New Music, Shows & Projects On Beyond Labels Campaign

“I don’t need validation anymore. A lot of people want me to act like I need validation… What I am today I have been chasing it since I was 14,”

Cameroon’s Mboko God, Jovi Lemonstre is set to host two shows in the weeks ahead, and has teased new music releases among other upcoming projects. Jovi made a series of revelations in one of his rare media outings, as he hosted a twitter space in collaboration with whiskey brand, Johnnie Walker.

Co-hosting the space with the brand’s Mathias Nana, they both made a range of revelations as they interacted with fans, pressmen and fellow artists.

The Beyond Labels campaign for which he is ambassador, Jovi noted, is about helping people achieve their dreams by overcoming stereotypes.

“People always find a way to put a label on somebody as opposed to getting to really knowing the person and seeing what they are up to…Labels are one of the reasons why I work hard…”

As part of the Johnnie Walker Labels campaign, Nana on his part revealed, two public events with the music icon are set for the weeks ahead. The first, he said, is a May 27, 2022 show at Le Click Plus in Yaounde.

This will be followed by another in Douala on June 3rd, 2022.

Why Jovi?

The reason for the choice of the New Bell Music CEO, Nana explained, was first his life story and the way he has been able to tell it. The story of Jovi, he explained, is one that enforces optimism.

Jovi is the leading entertainer selected for the Beyond Labels campaign

“It was only right that the brand and I associate, Johnnie Walker has been on the planet for over 200 years. There has to be a reason why they are here,” Jovi confirmed.

Responding to Poise Social’s Tino Foy on the reason for accepting to work with Johnnie Walker, he said they immediately clicked from the onset on a foundation of mutual respect.

J Walker, he said, “… gave me my props as soon as I walked through the door. They are the first brand that have shown me respect based on my actual value.”

While the Johnnie Walker deal is a milestone for him, Jovi admitted his followers will now see less of Hennessy.

Despite falling in love with the product, he said he had to let go given he new deal. Even a video which was being shot he said, had to be shelved because of that.

He also responded in the affirmative when quizzed on if he was planning to drop new music soon, but did not give any dates.

Originality since day one

Jovi in today’s Twitter Space reiterated his intense attraction towards originality and the promotion of Cameroon-based products and services. For the past decade, he revealed, he has been bent on driving home the message that it is possible to defy the odds, brave the tides and still succeed.

This originality, he remarked remains the prime reason why he dons local brands like French Kind, and continues to partake in the Doula’Art and Music Festival, DOMAF.

“I have always associated my brand with people that want things to work here [in Cameroon].”

In the same vein, works for an original Cameroonian forum are in the pipeline, he revealed. The said festival will run for many days and shall consist of parties and nights and events with home-made products on display too. Subsequently, the team, is going to launch a distribution platform for home made products.

“I don’t need validation anymore…” – Jovi

Hear Jovi: “We will have the Jengu show in Yaounde and then Douala. We will work with brands to the moon where they can be exported to other countries.”

“I Don’t Need Validation”

The Mboko God did not quit the scene without making mention of his often unique position as compared to those of other entertainment industry stakeholders. This he said, was linked to his perception of self as well as emancipation from the strings of popular opinion.

“I don’t need validation anymore. A lot of people want me to act like I need validation… What I am today I have been chasing it since I was 14,” he remarked.

PS. I don’t need validation too but if you copy, please give credit.

– Gi Yo

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