‘Why does it have to be like this?’ Jovi Counts Losses To Anglophone Conflict

The ace music producer has cited the possibility of leaving Cameroon entirely.

Cameroon’s protracted armed conflict in the North West and South West Regions have hardly left anyone indifferent.

Today, in a series of posts, ace rapper and producer, Jovi Lemonstre has poured out his heart. The ace music producer also cited the possibility of leaving Cameroon entirely.

“North West Region and South West Region
That is home. Home way man no fit go village for holidays or for go stroll . Let’s pray for what is happening there,” he wrote.

Express his sadness especially for those who used to work and live in the regions, the peace crooner said prayers should be intensified.

The Anglophone conflict has left thousands dead and many more displaced

“Why does it have to be like this. Why does it have to reach this level. The Farms, The Schools , The Markets are all empty. Prayers Prayers Prayers. It is getting to a point where man di check for take yi whole family commot country go stay me for Rwanda now so peace dey dey fine”.

In a subsequent post, Jovi opened up too on his life and challenges imposed by the armed conflict.

“My life had never been easy and my life has change from bad to worst since 2016,” he said, adding: “As the days go by I am getting darker and darker. I have lost a lot to this situation. Praise God 🙏🏿. He doesn’t make mistakes 🙏🏿”

‘I’m Cameroon’

The slogan I’m Cameroon brings to the minds of many, late singer, Fhish who used it as title to his first EP. Prior to the Am Cameroon EP however, Jovi too had made clear his stance on the armed conflict, calling for unity and patriotism.

In his 2019 track titled No Peace, Jovi addressed the conflict and the divisive lines it tends to draw on the intricate links between different parts of the nation.

‘You be Anglophone or Francophone ? Tara, me I be na Cameroon’. This remains one of the song’s more popular lines.

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