Poet, Pen Boy To Grace Biggest Career Show In Yaounde Today

Delivering word-based performances, Pen Boy will be performing five of his works.

Renowned poet, Pen Boy is performing at his very own poetry show for the first time today. Alemnge Boris, as he is called, will be performing at Yaounde’s Goethe Institute.

Describing it as his very own big show, he themed it Ubuntu – I am because you are. “The Ubuntu show,” he asserted, “is born from my desire to bring Africans to understand that collective efforts, unity and peace (internal and external) are the only measures through which we can achieve world prosperity and development.”

At the Ubuntu show, he will be performing Be free, Survival, Tribal Marks, 13 Chronicles and Soldiers of the apocalypse, five of his top works.

Pen Boy is also a social activist and a human rights advocate, values he had taken up ever since his days of studying law at the University of Buea’s Faculty of Laws and Political Sciences.

These themes run across his many performances and poems. One of his most renowned works remains ‘Dear prime Minister’, performed for camera in October 2021.

In the poem, he decried the endless killing resulting from the armed conflict in the North West and South West regions, as well as other injustices, advocating for peace and justice.

From making solo efforts to the contributions of his Buea-based Stage Life performance troupe and now Ubuntu, Pen Boy’s journey has been long and rocky.

Within these storms however, he has remained resilient and upbeat, weathering the storm. This continues to make him an inspiration to many young people in Cameroon and on the African continent in general.

– Gi Yo

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