Choisir C’est Choisir: Mr Leo Goes The Love Way Again

Mr Leo still has it in his veins

Mr Leo was for many years, among the most pronounced love singers in Cameroon’s entertainment space. He and the likes of Locko, Blaise B, Salatiel, and Daphne made the new generation works worth listening to.

They had (have) the art in their palms and moved audiences to tears with every release.

Since mid-2021 however, Mr Leo took everyone by surprise, switching brands. He started working on projects with more Afrocentric content, leading to the release of his Lion of Africa Album.

Many had for a moment feared he was losing it, till he proved them wrong with the new album. His works have since touched on colonialism, war, freedom of the mind and activism.

Shortly after featuring on Askia’s Ngarbuh project on the Anglophone crisis, Mr Leo has reignited his old fire with a latest release, Choisir.

In the piece, he adorns his native Lamnso with French as he flows on a melodious Dijay Karl beat.

‘Choisir c’est choisir’ he sings, professing his unending live to his woman and promising to make her his wife.

The project was given life by video director, Dr Nkeng Stephens, who with the artist and creative team, used a beach setting to tell the story.

In the clip he is presented as a heartbroken romantic professing love. It then transcends to his offer for affection being accepted and reciprocated by a beautiful lady. Forever after like it happens in the movies.

Mr Leo still has it in his veins.

– Giyo Ndzi

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