Simple Steps To Surviving In Any Neighborhood

A lot about you depends on persons you interact with and the bonds you establish

Surviving in any neighborhood depends on the type of persons you interact with and the bonds you establish.

You don’t need to go frolicking with everyone but there are some key relationships to initiate and lubricate. They would always come in handy more times than you think.

Befriend a bike rider. These guys always know which roads will be blocked when and why. They will tell you the untold stories of local politicians. It’s quite unconfortable when they bring you the sex stories, talking about which girl turned 18 or who the local star is sharing body fluids with.

However, they come in handy especially during emergencies. They could show up to help you get gas, or rush someone to hospital. They could take you back home after late night appointments and they would happily take your late night guest back to his/her home for just a small token.

Get attached to a call box/MOMO operator. Money is a very sensitive item and you need someone you can trust or at least who can trust you when it comes to money.

There may be moments you’d need a quick transaction even without ready cash and they’ll be there for you. Late night transactions even after their working hours are another bonus you get.

And for those who are into tomcatting, they could keep an eye out, ensuring your wenches don’t meet😅

Know your local Pharmacist. Buy drinks and sometimes hang out with that guy who sells medecines in that container by the road.

His free paracetamol can save you from poverty-induced headaches. More importantly, you will get to learn a lot about emergencies, basic treatments and other key aspects of human wellbeing often taken for granted.

Local pharmacists may not always practice what they preach to the latter but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a lesson or two from them.

And oh, be nice to taxi drivers. They always have a thousand and one problems to share with passengers.

– Giyo Ndzi

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