Salatiel gives Rabba Rabbi roses in new video, ‘Pele’

Alpha Better boss, Salatiel is on a mission and has been leaving no stone unturned

Alpha Better boss, Salatiel is on a mission and has been leaving no stone unturned.

Salatiel just got validated by one of his idols, Petit Pays aka Rabba Rabbi.

His latest song ‘Pelé’ is a homage to Petit Pays whom he features in the piece. It is him giving Petit Pays (the Pelé of Cameroon music) his flowers while still alive.

Luckily for Salatiel, he got validated in the process.

Petit Pays clearly stamps it out in the song twice, calling Salatiel the best of his own generation. Orgasmic to say the least!

Salatiel in Pelé cites Rabba Rabbi’s continuous winning streak and longevity in his career. Rabba it should be recalled has authored over 34 albums and multiple hits.

Winning everything like Brazil’s legendary football Pelé, ‘le papi a duree’

Salatiel in the song also samples Rabba Rabbi’s popular ‘so so Waka’ chorus released a decade ago. Talk about longevity.

The ‘So so Waka’ song (real title, Soffa) itself is a call for change. Petit Pays in the song says all the efforts he makes and the challenges he takes upon himself, are for the good of his country.

Salatiel’s ‘Pele’ comes just months to Rabba Rabbi’s 54th birthday (June 5).

It is more of an appreciation message to Rabba Rabbi for all the Waka and soffa he has endured and for making Cameroon music and entertainment in general what it is today.

It is certain Petit Pays won’t have to worry much because his legacy lives on.

Have a taste of that greatness 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

📸 Salatiel via Facebook

– Giyo Ndzi

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