Kwata Music Introduces New Kid On The Block, Marnick

Cameroon’s hip hop lovers have for the past days been floating in the bliss of Kwata Music’s ‘Days like this’ project. First, the beat is sick, especially at the intro and outro of the song. So sick with the njang-like and hip hop blend.

Unlike several hip hop projects we have daily, this particular mutumbu crossed the borders of low reach and mediocre content. Despite the multitude of rappers we have it’s not everyday you hear a song and chose to put it on repeat. 

The clip opens with reality TV star, Fon Dieudonne taking a pose. The seriousness on his face quickly evokes his story and what he is known to have gone through. As the camera zooms away to introduce other characters it only gets better. We recall how he has been able to surmount these challenges and emerge as a better version of himself, serving as a huge motivation to every one of us. 

Yes, disability is not inability. 

The opening scene already tells you a lot is about to go down and as usual, Dready Christ does not fail to make an impression. 

The biggest revelation and the lone female voice on the song is Marnick. The first time I heard Marnick’s voice, the first name that came to my mind was Blanche Bailey. Their deliveries appear to be similar – smooth, easy to retain. 

Marnick’s chorus carried the song. It’s the kind you would want to extract and have for a ringtone. Marnick in 2020, came under Kwata Music’s artist development program and has been finding her step. Her delivery in the song is a demonstration of the benefits of patience, hard work and focus.

Uncle Cales, Edico, and Waxzey too made their mark. Their lyrics are relatable to the daily issues we face and the dreams we dream. 

Lyrical Njorku’s prowess on the song does not surprise anyone. He rolls with the big boys when it comes to rap music in Cameroon. No one else but Nkeng could do such justice to the video. 

Stream Days Like This on YouTube and tell us what you think about the project

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