CY Inter goes gaga again!
Barks At Unity Concert Over Patoranking’s Frontline Role

The comedian has lashed out at Simo Alves Entertainment ahead of its May 21 Africa United Concert with Patoranking

Comedian, Old Pancho CY International has lashed out at Simo Alves Entertainment ahead of their May 21 2022 Africa United Concert with Patoranking.

CY Inter who has been on a crusade to limit the influence of art from other countries on the Cameroon entertainment industry said the concert is bound to fail. Cameroonian acts performing alongside Nigeria’s Patoranking include Ko-C, Kameni and Locko.

Ko-C, Kameni and Locko will perform alongside Patoranking

Often taunted as 237 80-20 police, CY said organisers should present to him, Patoranking’s latest work. “If you don’t show me the song Patoranking has released since the beginning of this year …trust me that show will fail,” he mentioned.

In his social media rant, one of many, the comedian said pride of place should be given to local artists. He added: “Like I told you guys before; any show you are organising in this country with a foreign artist leading will fail. We are trying to reinstall our culture… don’t try to slow us down by bringing foreign artists…”

‘Who made you ruler over us?’

CY Inter has over the years, fallen out with many fans and fellow colleagues in the entertainment industry, due to his stance. While many have questioned his audacity and mandate, others have urged him to use less aggressive and non-xenophobic means if he must limit foreign content.

Comedian, Old Pancho

Ironically, the association of Cameroonian comedians, CAMCOMICS and other entertainment regulatory bodies have remained mute despite his constant over-the-top remarks.

In December 2021, event planner, Bonteh Engelbert made an open challenge, urging CY to prove his point that Cameroonian talents are more ‘cashworthy’ than their foreign counterparts.

“Let us do a CY International Show which you will headline. You chose your town and date and I will finance and you see how many people turn,” Bonteh had stated. CY however declined the challenge and has since continued with his crusade.

– Giyo Ndzi

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  1. The day he shall accept to take up bonteh’s challenge and the people turn up in numbers (excluding me), then I will be able to say something abt this his 80-20 facken police whatever

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