Want To Earn From Your Music? Go On Edge… But Not Alone

A lot has changed over time but a lot has also remained the same

Going on edge is something we don’t see daily and so have little choice than appreciate when someone does.

Hundreds of artists release songs daily but little changes in their lyrics, beats, concepts, videos. It is hard to sing what others haven’t but there remain several edges we are yet to stand on and flex like it’s no man’s business.

When Franko put out Coller, many called it out for its obscene lyrics. However, you still can’t help marvel at his effrontery to put out such work. It’s like Ambe’s Vitesse. You only realise you had been taping your legs to the rhythm.

Music like other creative processes cannot be contained or channeled to one direction but a feeling can always be added to it. Petit Pays has shown us this in more ways than one. From mounting the stage wearing a wig (back in the day when crossdressing in Cameroon was almost inexistent) to making an entrance in a coffin and appearing nude on an album cover.

Rabbi has shown us almost every trick in the book. Many other entertainers have taken off from where he left.

The evident deficiency that continues to rear its ugly head is called lack of financial gains.

The biggest challenge entertainers continue to face, is cashing out from these disruptive trends. Today, near naked and naked ladies are on almost every song and free streaming platforms abound. Shows are streamed live on Facebook and ticket sales appear to be plummeting.

WWE’s Eric Bischoff’s 2006 autobiography was titled ‘controversy creates cash’. Easier said than done, right?

In the Cameroonian context, it remains a feat hard to pull off. An entertainer would trend for a week or two and have millions of streams, but when the hype dies down, they have nothing to show for it. We can’t forget Jenister and KO-C’s wrangle, or

Everyone was hooked to Jenister’s nude pose with the bible – controversy and the Pascal, Tzy, Ko-C vs Jovi fights. Then there is the elephant in the room; Jovi-Stanley beef. Who cashes out? Did any of them cash out at all?

A lot has changed but a lot has also remained the same; Artists are still collecting peanuts in royalties and very few are those able to take home huge paychecks.

While the lack of financial viability of audiences comes into play, what is lacking more, appears to be adequate strategies to milk the money.

It does not suffice to pose nude for a project or release good music and ask fans to go watch on YouTube. Determining the fan base/ target audience is a good first step. Cultivating a community around your work. this pulls like forces towards your work – fans and colleagues that match your energy.

Developing a social media marketing strategy also ups your game, just like establishing a veritable online presence (site, digital press kit, etc).

These in most cases constitute more work than the actual work of making music. Pay for PR. this is the surest way to attain that goal or dream. But you can’t make it alone. No one ever does.

A veritable team not only takes care of business, but it also takes away what would in most cases be a distraction for you.

– Giyo Ndzi

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