What You Missed In Stanley Enow’s ‘Nyongo’

The video is modelled after popular movie, Squid Game

Now that the hype has died down, let us revisit Stanley Enow’s Nyongo and see what we can make of it.

Brought to life by Director Pointeh, the video is modelled after popular movie, Squid Game. The song carries several messages, but the key theme remains Nyongo or witchcraft (often associated with financial gains). Let’s see a few of the aspects that makes the song hard to ignore.

Stanley uses the piece to address those who think his success and that of others is built on diabolic practices. He remains one of the most successful artists in the current dispensation and we have often wondered how he keeps getting the glamourous deals.

Stanley does not tell us how he does that (business secret) but of course he tells us how he does not do it – Nyongo.

The video and the back story to his journey to fame are in sync. In the Squid Games-themed video we see some of his fans play central roles to his acts. That tells us how much he values and appreciates his fans and those that support his music.

Those familiar with the Squid Game movie would know that the master planner was player Number 01. We would have expected Stanley to brandish the figure at some point, but he didn’t. Rather, we see a fan with tracksuit number 01 and Stanley himself wears the black attire of the front man.

The front man in the movie was hired like the rest of the players and was there only for survival too. His non possession of Number 01 tells us who the real boss is – the fans. We have often seen this interaction between the star and his fans including in his ‘Amazing’ video. He knows who is the boss.

It is no news that the quality of Stanley’s lyrics often come to question with regards to hip hop. In Nyongo however, he sent a message to his ‘critics’ and competitors asserting his position on the rap ranks. He told them he had left the throne for a longtime but couldn’t get any befitting replacement, reason for his return.

Staying at the top is often harder than getting there. This is true not just for music but even for that lady selling beans and puff puff at your junction. We have seen people do the most dreadful stuff just to stay on top. The use of metaphysical methods is one of them.

Stanley’s prowess and position when it comes to rap music in Cameroon, he tells us, is not because of any metaphysical affiliations (Nyongo). He attributes this to working tirelessly while others sleep.
“Stanley Enow j’suis un artiste higher than just a rapper”

In the last lines of the song, Stanley reiterates the need for patience. Be it advice or threat, the message is plan. Before becoming an artist, Stanley was an MC and a radio host and he has often talked about how he was patient, waiting for the right moment to strike.

In the Squid Game movie [yes, again], the reason all players agree to partake in the tasks is because of the need for instant gratification. One or two steps and you are a billionaire.

Everybody dreams to make it big in their sector and achieve their dreams, but the Nyongo crooner says being in a haste would only make all efforts go in vain.

[The rule of life is this, work, patience, results. Though Stanley does not allude any religious consequences to breaking this rule, Deuteronomy 28:33 sums it up.]

Wuna don work 00h/

but different man go chop oo oh/

Because of presse presse ye ye eh

That’s self-explanatory I guess…

– Giyo Ndzi

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