How Communication Landed Tzy Panchak Blu Nation Deal

Mavin Slim reined Tzy Panchak in without even knowing him

In February 2018, Blu Nation released a documentary on Tzy Panchak’s first ever US tour.

Marvin slim in the video said one of the reasons he signed Tzy (to Blu Nation) was because he wanted to contribute to Cameroon’s presence on the international music scene.

He took a bold step and reined Tzy Panchak in without even knowing him yet. He had just heard a few of his works.

In addition to the fact that Tzy was (is) gifted, Marvin said communication with him was perfect and smooth, and accounted for 50% of the job already.

This same communication aspect has floored many budding artists. From lack of professional kits to the absence of interpersonal communication skills, they continue to wonder why they lag despite the amazing works they do.

There are artists that no longer take calls or reply to messages once they hit a thousand likes or get two thousand followers. Others let the few praises get into their heads and blur their visions.

Almost everyone working in the entertainment sector would recount the story of one or two of such artists. The indiscipline is usually too messy.

Music is an art but the management of music itself is often more of a science, requiring calculated risks, predictions, and high discipline.

📸 Tzy Panchak/Facebook

– Giyo Ndzi

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