Stanley Enow’s Parapariparo Takes Social Media By Storm

The song has piano melodies laid out over conga beats

Motherland Empire CEO, Stanley Enow remains a force to reckon with. His latest work, ‘Parapariparo’ produced by Scott Storch is trending after he launched a challenge.

Parapariparo has piano melodies laid out over conga beats as the singer harmonises.

Though with very sketchy lyrics, his catchy one liners make the melody irresistible.

Enow launched the Parapariparo challenge by vibing to the song with a couple of friends. Days later, dozens have jumped on the trend and made it a thing.

Many entertainers have joined the moving train including the likes of Grand Lawrenzo, Aunty Felicia and of course, Caro of Capees Comedy World.

Watch lyric video on YouTube

– Giyo Ndzi

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