Misunderstanding the Nyangono factor

He is not as clueless as many make it seem afterall.

Equating an artiste to Nyangono is often seen by many as an insult. This, is as he is often equated to a trash singer, one who makes music not worth listening to. But does he?

Nyangono who is a business operator based in Yaounde, shot to prominence after the release in 2019 of his single, ‘Foup Fap’. The song was criticized by many for lacking in taste, but hardly anyone ever talks about the content. Foup fap calls on youths to engage in hard work, and burn the midnight candle. “If you sleep, your life sleeps. Don’t sleep”.

The song went viral, largely for its chorus as well as the singer’s looks. Four years later, he is still rocking it all. He has remained consistent and for the past three years, has remained lead singer at the Buea Mountain race prize award ceremony. Beyond the ‘foup fap’ hit, what has he to show for on the national stage?

Nyangono has a rich discography as compared to many contemporary and new school artistes in Cameroon. He has comfortably tucked under his belt, at least thirteen other songs, including a feature from Bikutsi diva, Mani Bella. The hit, ‘Je ne laisse pas’, has since racked up 17,000 views on YouTube alone, and continues banging on different media outlets.

Like his other works, it touches on a range of issues in society today, including the role of material affairs as foundation for amorous relationships. In dancing so hard to the beats, many fail to assimilate the messages communicated by the singer.

When next someone says you are the Nyangono of whatever you do as a form of ridicule, take a deep breath and let them go. They just marked their ignorance.

Giyo Ndzi

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