Don’t check on Libianca. She doesn’t need it!

She needs the support less than many others still seeking to raise their heads above the water.

Much focus on the Cameroon music space has been on Libianca ever since she released her hit single, People. Many are eager to feast on her works, with the announced remix featuring Nigerian singer, Ayra Star, and USA’s Chris Brown.

While it is essential to continue giving her the much valued support, it would be pure folly to hang on it alone. She practically didn’t need the Cameroonian audience to get to where she is today. By her side, is a team, probably comprised of smart persons seeking to make her name known across the ends of the earth and Cameroonians are but a minimal portion of that crowd.

This does not discredit their support. She for one, definitely values it, as anyone would do the love from their home. But she needs the support less than many others still seeking to raise their heads above the water.

Any sane person would recommend that we support Libianca and other upcoming and even established acts in their quest to put Cameroon on the map. But in this industry, finding multiple channels of support from the audience is rare. No one would say it but history has proven that just one or two persons are made to share the spotlight at a time. This focus is often brief and sometimes, lacks depth. Understandably, the lack of financial buoyancy and the economic situation has a part to play. But this does not discredit the crazy we see. Going by this crazy, Libianca hardly needs any support.

There exists a plethora of younglings who would touch the sky with just a portion of that support and encouragement. From Phido to Loic to my pretty crush, Beri, and even your cousin whom no one knows about. They could all be much better. Instead of waiting for the next big thing whose name we would use to draw accolades, the industry should be able to create its own heroes. And it can. It has the capacity to do so.

It doesn’t cost a thing to stream their music, buy their albums and attend their shows. Okay, that might be an overstatement. It actually costs money, time and effort. But is worth it. Trust me.

Giyo Ndzi

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