Ego, Prido And The Fhish Tags: Monsters We Made

While it is honourable to walk in the path of greatness, it is also easy to lose yourself in the process

Labels and tags are limiting and most experienced entertainers will tell you this. While talent, luck and hard work have often proven to be the winning formula, containing them in one box or letting people do so for us often yields unintended results.

When Ego Pride and his mate, Yxng Prido came to the limelight, many labelled them the new Fhish and somehow, the tag stuck. Most of their works have since been compared to those of the late singer, and the boys themselves are fast taking after his tracks in a lot they do. From their form of music, the messages in their songs and the lifestyle they portray on media, everything screams Fhish.

The late Aponglem Lesly aka Fhish

While it is an honourable thing to walk in the path of greatness and be able to replicate the amazing works of a trailblazer, it is also as easy to lose yourself in the process.

Ego Pride and Yxng Prido’s journey which appeared to be on a good footing took a nose dive this past weekend after a post from Ego urging upcoming artists to be more assertive about their art. He said the mainstream artists have lost their flame, and Prido endorsed the position.

While the message itself is subject to multiple interpretations, what remained clear was that the same persons (including mainstream entertainment stakeholders) who had endorsed them, felt slighted and disrespected. Many called them out and others urged them to pull down their posts and tender an apology.

Having accepted the weight of ‘the new Fhish’ label, it was logical that they sit and ask themselves, “what would Fhish do?”
The obvious response was to double down on their stance and keep going.

We still haven’t forgotten how Fhish would say what he meant and stand for it, even if it meant losing those that mattered to him.

Going down this road with their full chest, Ego and Prido will have to brace up for more challenges on the path of being ‘the new Fhish’. At least they have gotten a taste of how much the shoe pinches.

Overcoming this requires more of work. Much like their predecessor did, they too have the chance to show their mettle on their REINCARNATION EP. They may not be denied drinks at occasions or accused of being under the influence of hard drugs when they say something that irks people.

The downside of this diehard attitude of theirs is that it blurs their vision to everything including good advice. It is almost certain they would take all criticism with a pinch of salt and may miss out on the good. What this creates is talented but insensitive and stubborn acts.

However, they should know and accept that the journey to the top through that path is fought and not negotiated. Above all, their works should be more telling than their words. That is the only way they can outgrow the Fhish tag they have been squeezed into.


Ego and Pride’s first EP titled Reincarnation is now on sale. The piece of work has songs produced by Dr WAF, Nfam Beats, McCoy Twap and Base.

It has as executive producer, Clovis Ebeso, and Creative Director, Yannick Chatelin.
Get a copy here

– Giyo Ndzi

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