Gasha Talks Betrayal, Spirituality & Sexual Liberation In New Song, ‘Spirit’

All these, as if to put the traditional side by side with the modern age...

Gah-Ndo Ashuembom Amabo who goes by the stage name Gasha is no new name in Cameroon’s music scene. She is known for making conscious music addressing different aspects in society. The ‘Addicted’ singer is at it again, with a new song titled Spirit.

Released on March 18, 2023, Gasha in the single expresses the pain of being betrayed by a loved one. The pain she sings, hits deeper given the closeness to and obviously trust in whoever betrayed her.

Seeking solace, she turns to the almighty for solace as heard in the chorus – a prayer for comfort, strength and protection.

‘I mourn in my complaint and make a noise’

‘Because of the voice of the enemy and the oppression of the wicked’

‘Give ear to my prayer for they cast iniquity on me’ she wails in song.

Gasha goes hard and yet soft, singing smoothly but pouring out all she’s got.


‘Spirit’ is a song off Gasha’s latest album

Beyond deep reflective lyrics, Gasha’s ‘spirit’ video shot by Nkeng Stephens, tells a deeper part of the story. Appearing alone for most of the scenes, Gasha herself doesn’t fail to leave her classic mark of sexual liberation.

For most of the clip, she is clad in a skimpy crop top, braless, with a mini skirt and knee-level boots, much reminiscent of her ‘uncaged’ peers including the likes of Madonna, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. On her face, are white tribal markings, contrasting with her gold color grills. Both colors also match her jewelry and hair, completed by black gloves and finger rings to match her black knee-level boots. All these, as if to put the traditional side by side with the modern age. This same contrast is seen in her use of language, as she juxtaposes the ‘foreign’ (English) and the local.

The spirituality is further showcased by scenes depicting day-to-day venues, basic and yet, intriguing: from the rooftop to a nearby forest, a music studio, atop a parked car to having your girlfriend do your hair. Aspects so simple until we give them much deeper thought.

While all these have evolved to become part of her craft, Gasha knows she is plying the rough borders shared by sexual liberation advocates on one hand and on the other, conservatives who maintain veritable support and still dictate very much what okay should look like in society.

She knows many would move the focus from her message to the dressing or the blunt or the tattoos or even just the way she smiles. Anything to kill the message. But she appears unfazed because she has put in the work.

It is this same hard work that has over the years, earned her an indelible spot in the hearts of millions of fans across the globe. And just when they thought she was done, she struck harder as if to say ‘it is just the beginning’.

Giyo Ndzi

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