SILK – The Message Lives On

Let us take a look at Fhish's last message in the EP SILK

Close to six months after the demise of artist, Fhish, it still feels to many like he quit the stage just yesterday. Born Aponglem Lesly, he grew as any other young Cameroonian from a not-well-to-do home.

However, he was able to stand out and influence others despite having a similar story to theirs, owing to his storytelling ability and self-confidence. Though he dropped the mic at just 24, he continues to enjoy the respect, attention and admiration few of his peers or even seniors in the profession get.

While his death left a lot to be desired, his last works, released on March 15, 2022 continue to bear his vision, from content to context and definitely production. They were released by his family, in an EP titled SILK.

Now that the media hype and emotional outbursts have dwindled, let us take a look back at the last message(s) he gave mankind and Cameroonians in particular:

Track 1. The first track of the EP is titled Rio-Dos Kameros. Rolling comfortably off the beat, he asserts the position of frontline new school vibe artist.

With the title itself comprising a political touch, Fhish could not avoid addressing the elephant in the room – the Anglophone crisis.

He used the song to decry the disconnection between the rulers and the ruled, and the ‘failed rendezvous’ now creating antagonism.

Fhish has never been one to shy from political activism, and Rio Dos Kameros is an apt example. Probably a sequel to his Koro Koro on Aktivated.

The late Fhish with daughter

Track 2. The second piece, Eazy Buzy [pronounced easy busy] is a soft flowing melody. In the song, Fhish makes appraisal of some local languages and meals that are unique to Cameroon. He further reiterates the need to go through hardship for a better future.

Yet, what will be will be: ‘I know it’s hard, it’s painful I understand you…’

Track 3. The third piece, Motto, is barely a minute and 35 seconds short. In it, he sings about his energy and indomitability. He also does not fail to remind us where he is from – quartier and how hard he has worked to get here.

The message notwithstanding, the production appears to be what Fhish won’t let on his EP without a final touch if he was alive. I guess life is for the living.

I know it’s hard, it’s painful I understand you…’


Track 4. What we have had on the EP so far have been conscience picking and confidence building songs. Then here comes Ce pas le hoo. The assertive domineering and ‘I’m the man’ part of Fhish we know. Months before his demise, Fhish had teased fans during a live video, playing the song in the background.

As it was, so it still is, amazing, captivating and a great sound to dance to. It emanates the same vibes as ‘kirikou’ and ‘Kak kak’.
Get this on your loud speaker and let the neighbourhood dance.

Track 5. The EP ends with Simpo, a three-minute song. It is made more melodious with the amazing karimba kicks that ordain the beats.

As usual, Fhish puts himself at the centre to pass across his message. He had often used himself as subject to express a lot of aspects and Simpo is no different. He begs to be understood to facilitate working together and making matters go as planned.

Late Fhish with mother after winning Biggy237 show

Simpo is more like a love song but not for a partner. Rather, it is for those that have always doubted him, misjudged him and misunderstood him.
‘Make they know say the real king is right back, facts! Understand me…’

The messenger is departed but the message never dies. Stream SILK on Boomplay and get the message(s).

By Giyo Ndzi

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