Sextape Fetishes: If Perpetrators Can Walk Why Shouldn’t Victims?

Everyone has a fetish or multiple fetishes.

There are people who cannot have one puff of shisha if they are not recording it.

Others do same with food and drinks and even intimate moments.

It is not bad. In fact, feeding fetishes can actually be positive and healthy, so far as they don’t cause physical or psychological harm.

Unfortunately, fetishes especially those of erotic nature are often wrongly been associated with deviancy, and those that practice them, shamed.

When we put on our lenses of morality, we should remember that they can only see as far as our biases permit. We have to be able to differentiate between our personal beliefs (religion, social and ethnic responsibilities) and what actually is (the rule of law).

It is very difficult to make a strong case against an act or practice as long as that practice does not harm others.

Boxing is one of the most risky sports but it attracts thousands of fighters, reeks millions in revenue and even more in fanship.


Because there are rules regarding the sports meant to make it safe and where safety is out of question, there is consent.

Christianity for instance, prohibits certain practices but also prohibits christians from chasing away those engaged in those practice. It instructs believers to bring into the fold for transformation, those that are rooted in the ways of the world.

An all too common fetish in this social media age is the making is sextapes. Perfectly legal within the confines of adulthood, it has often met stiff resistance on the basis of morality and religion.

Right or wrong, the bigger concern should be why those that leak these tapes are often let off the hook.

Many would rather bash an individual for being recorded in his/her privacy with consent than the individual who disseminates this to the world without any consent.

Such issues often present a tight rope to walk on, especially given the stigma it carries and the adverse effects it tends to have on the mental health of victims.

Yet, many often target the victims, doubling down on their pain and letting the perpetrators walk free.

This undermines the very basis of morality upon which attacking the victim claims to be based. Holding perpetrators accountable should be the first step to combat the adulteration of virtue, if it matters to us.

– Giyo Ndzi

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